Are the tires on your Hyundai Santa Fe covered under warranty? All tire manufacturers provide various guarantees against problems with your tires, but if there’s a problem, you’ll need to provide proof of regular tire rotations. Luckily, our team at Mike Miller Hyundai near Normal, IL can help. Learn more about standard tire warranties for your new or used Hyundai when you visit our Hyundai service center 

Three Types of Tire Warranties 

New tires may come with up to three different warranties. Each one covers your tires during certain circumstances during a specified length of time. For instance, a workmanship and material warranty provides coverage for a few years, whereas a ride uniformity warranty only covers the first year of use. Some tire manufacturers also include a road hazard protection guarantee.  

When looking for new tires, it’s essential to buy tires that work best for your Hyundai Santa Fe and for the kind of driving you do. If you’re stuck between a couple of different brands, ask our team how the warranty coverage differs among the tires. 

Tires are meant to last a long time. In the rare case that you’ll need to request warranty coverage, you’ll need to provide original proof of your tire purchase and evidence of regular tire rotations. While we can’t help you save your receipt, we can keep you on track with routine rotations. Good tire care protects you and your vehicle on the road. Our service techs select a rotation pattern that’s right for your SUV and tires. Typical patterns include rearward cross, X-pattern, and forward cross. 

If it’s time for your tires to get rotated, stop by Mike Miller Hyundai. You’ll find plenty of tires for your Hyundai Santa Fe or any of our used Hyundai models. Our team can answer your questions, help you compare brands, and make the best decision for your vehicle and budget.