Are you shopping for a Hyundai car but want to trade in your current model? Our Hyundai dealership near Macomb accepts trade-in vehicles. Start by using our convenient online tool to get an estimate of what your car is worth. Then, stop by Mike Miller Hyundai to get fair market value for your pre-owned model.  

What Condition is My Pre-Owned Car In?  

Cars fall into four categories of conditions. The final price varies according to many factors, but knowing the status of your model helps you use our online tool. Discover the common standards that Hyundai dealers use when assessing the condition of your used vehicle.  

Excellent condition. Although very few cars fall into this category, if you’ve kept meticulous maintenance records and have zero dings, dents, rust, or interior blemishes, then your vehicle may qualify. Cars in excellent condition must have no record of body or mechanical repairs and be ready to go to its next owner. 

Good condition. Models in good condition may have a very minor scratch, rust, or interior issue. But, these problems should be few, if any. Plus, to fall into this group, your model must have tires with a good amount of tread left on them.  

Fair condition. If your car needs new tires or some repairs, then it’ll likely fall into the fair group. Models in this category have signs of rust, dings, or interior damage. If we can repair those problems, then it’s considered fair condition.  

Poor condition. These vehicles often have major mechanical issues or need significant bodywork. A car in poor condition may require repairs that cost more than the car is worth.  

Talk to Our Hyundai Dealers near Macomb  

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