Have you heard any strange noises coming from your Hyundai Sonata? Perhaps there’s a squeaking sound when you turn a corner, or you notice some odd noises when you touch your brakes.  

All cars use a variety of parts that wear down over time. Of course, regular maintenance keeps your sedan in working order. Routine inspections also help you catch a small problem before it becomes a major issue. Learn more about parts replacements at Mike Miller Hyundai near Washington. 

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Getting regular oil changes on your new Hyundai keeps your engine running smoothly, but it’s also essential to check other fluids and replace filters regularly. Our service team handles routine care, so you don’t have to worry. We’ll inspect, replenish, and replace all fluids. Plus, we keep filters in stock, like those for your cabin air, air conditioning, and fuel filters 

It’s also essential to inspect the moving parts under and in your car. For example, our team performs battery inspections. We can even check your alignment and look over your belts and hoses under your vehicle.  

Common Car Parts that May Need Replacing 

That squeaking noise you hear when you turn your wheel may be related to your fan belt. Your fan belt controls your power steering. Over time the rubber degrades, and the belt may break. Our team checks over this belt and other components during an inspection. Our parts department provides a full-range of factory-made parts, including brakes and rotors, oil and cabin filters, headlights and taillights, and batteries and tires. 

Schedule Your Inspection 

Mike Miller Hyundai makes it easy to keep your Hyundai Sonata in top shape. You can schedule your service appointment or order parts online. If you’re thinking about fixing up and trading in your car, then check out one of our new Hyundai vehicles near Washington.