Here in Illinois, it’s tough to know if winter is coming or going. One day it feels like spring, and the next day it’s snowing, and you know that means for our roads — even more potholes to wreak havoc on your Hyundai Sonata. From damaged tires to alignment issues, the ever-changing weather isn’t great on vehicles. That’s why our Hyundai dealership in Peoria offers a variety of Hyundai service coupons to help you stay on top of all of your maintenance needs.

Coolant Inspections and Flushes

Although we think of the coolant system as a hot weather component, your coolant is a necessary element all year long. Do you remember the last time you checked your antifreeze levels? At Mike Miller Hyundai, we will inspect the fluid level at no charge to you. Plus, you can save $15 on any coolant service, such as a coolant flush. We use genuine Hyundai parts, so if your hoses or belts need replacing, then we can handle it.

Brake Care All Year Long

Road salt causes extra friction within your brake components, but you don’t have to stress over your brakes. Instead, just stop in for a free brake inspection. Our team of factory-trained professionals will inspect all elements, including your brake pads and shoes, rotors and drums, master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders, parking brake, and brake fluid levels.

Battery Replacements

If you’re concerned about how well your battery is performing, then talk to our team at Mike Miller Hyundai. We will inspect your battery at no charge to you. If your battery can’t be charged, then you’ll get a coupon for $5 off any new battery purchase.

Don’t let the changing weather conditions get you or your car down. Let our service professionals handle your service needs. Talk to our Peoria Hyundai dealers and find out how we can help with your Hyundai Sonata maintenance.