Having a well-maintained battery is incredibly important to your overall vehicle health. At Mike Miller Hyundai, we can take care of all of your battery service needs, so if you live in the Peoria area, just search for “Hyundai service near me” and visit our dealership.  

Why is Battery Maintenance Important?

Having your battery evaluated and maintained by the professionals at our service center prevents you from having to ask a friend to jump your car. We can conduct a battery load test, check the acid level, adjust the cables, and even replace your battery, among other things. If you’re having issues with your car starting, your battery is definitely worth checking.  

Why You Should Monitor Your Battery

The health and efficiency of your car’s battery can affect numerous other Hyundai parts. Your alternator, the part that produces A/C power through electromagnetism, is closely related to the health of your battery. The electricity is channeled from the alternator into the battery, providing voltage that runs various electrical systems. This is how your car starts; when the starter engages the alternator, power runs to the battery. 

Longer drives are great for the health of your battery to let it recharge. It’s also smart to keep your battery tightly fastened and coated in anti-corrosive solution. We recommend testing your battery often if it’s not in frequent use. Make sure to turn off your lights, radio, and other electronics when your vehicle is idling as well.  

Visit Mike Miller Hyundai today, and we will get you taken care of.